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15.6.2013: Puppies AVAILABLE to new owners from July 2013

A Litter of boxer puppies was born to one of our offspring, Beatrice Beowulf. All answers regarding this litter are available at the breeder of theese beautifull german boxer puppies, Maja Jakobic at:


For Pedigree CLICK HERE

Video1: 12 hours

Video2: 3 days

Video3: 3-4 weeks old

Video4: 3-4 weeks old

Video5: 3-4 weeks old

Video6: 3-4 weeks old

Video7: 5weeks old

Video8: 5 weeks old

Video9: 5 weeks old


23.4. 2013 NEW LITTER of German Boxer Puppies

A Litter of boxer puppies was born to one of our offspring, Beatrice Beowulf. All answers regarding this litter are available at the breeder of theese beautifull german boxer puppies, Maja Jakobic at: maja.jakobic@gmail.com Basic infos about the parrents are available by CLICKING THE PICTURE BELOW

Nemški bokser mladički


19.5.2007 - Boxer Bark Becomes a Senior Boxer

Our Boxer pack's patriarch Bark is celebrating his 7th Boxer Birthday today. By some standards, he became a Senior Boxer. But don't try to tell him that, because he still considers himself to be a very young Boxer guy.

Boxer Dog 7 years old

The rest of the pics can be found in the Bark's Boxer Picture Gallery




9.5.2007 - The first lesson of my SEO mini tutorial is up

Slowly but surely, i'm putting together the article page. There is no menu button yet, but the first in the series is up. Hope it helps.

READ the first lesson of the Webmasters SEO primer - mini tutorial HERE


25.4.2007 - Boxer breeders web success bragging - Altervita Boxers made it to the top of Yahoo AND MSN LiveSearch

Well, it's time to let a little secret out. When I produced the "new look" of the page last year, I also directed a large portion of my efforts towards its better ranking with the search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and of course "King Google".


It was a hard job, and now, after a year of tweaking, the results are finaly here, and more are comming. I won't go deep into "how-to's" of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), but the main points were: rich Boxer Dog related content, carefull usage of Boxer related words and phrases, search engine and directory submission, and some other techniques i picked along the way. Despite of the common belief, that reciprocal links, or just incomming links greatly help toward the rankings, I deliberately left those out and focused only on those techniques listed above. And this, among other things also explains, why the new version doesn't have a "links" page. I simply wanted to prove it to myself, that it can be done without the links. And when done, the results are stonger and better for the future of the page.


One of the things I learned is, that pages with abundance of links on the LINKS page are totaly stupid. Not only you invite the visitors to leave your site, but you also dimminish the relevancy of the pages you link to and on top of that, you also lower the relevancy of YOUR own boxer page. Why? Sarch engines simply see a page full of links, each pointing towards a different word and "describe" and understand it as a so called "link farm".

If you think they (search engine robots- poularly named "WebSpiders") are smart and understand that those are the pages of other boxer related sites and boxer breeders, you couldn't be more wrong. The search engines see those pages (links pages I mean) as so called LINK FARMS, hence they lower the relevancy of the whole page.


For example: Altervita Boxers are listed with many of our boxer breeders collegues around the World in the "Slovenia" section of their link pages. Hundreds of links are not only pointing toward my page but are also pointing towards hundreds of other boxer breeders and boxer clubs all around the world. So the if we take a page's relevancy as 100%, that number is splitted between all of those pages which are lnked from that page. Result? Each link represents only a few promiles in the rank of the whole linking page. So you just get a small amount of that pagerank. I must add here, that the page doesn't loose any of the pagerank because of that fact. Only the pages that are linked from that site, get a smaller amount of PR. I'll talk about the mathematics in another post.

So, does my page profit because of that fact? The answer is Ofcourse NOT MUCH (ok...if you have a link on a PR5 site, you still get some rank, instead of the fact that there are a lot of links splitting that PR among themselves). Even worse. Search engines understand those 100's of links" pages as LINK FARMS, and any asocciation with link farms also reflects badly to the destination page, because search engines understand that the pages are related - IF You have a link BACK to them.

Large "free breeders inclussion directories" are the same. They are a bit better, because they alow a small portion of text next to the link, but because they are filled with so many links, the relevancy of a single link drops down significantly.

The basic rule for putting links onto a page is that one should not put more than 20 links on a single page. So pages with hundreds of links are actualy doing a disfavor to the pages they are linking to if they have a reciprocal links. Actualy It's a nice way to kill the competition, LOL- IF the competitor has a link back to that link farm site!!! So in short: if a "link farm page links to you, it can't hurt you. But it CAN hurt you if you link back to it. My basic suggestion is that whenever you receive a mail from a webmaster who wants to exchange links, look at his page first. And if there are only links and almost no text on that site, just don't link to his page. We'll get to that in deep later.

Btw...Links are cool, I have nothing against links. Linking to, or having reciprocal links to high ranked pages, significantly increases the page rank of the page. So If one realy "desperately" WANTS to have links, one should only link to highly relevant pages with good Google or Alexa page rank and also have those pages a link pointing back- preferably with some text attached. For example: having just a link stating "Altervita Boxers" is bad, because Altervita is not a well known brand name and definetely not a word. And "Boxers" is a word which can mean:


- sportsmen,

- underwear,

- a cold, blunt weapon,

- dogs breed (German Boxer),

- a refference to the George Orwells Animal Farm, because the horse was named Boxer,

- a refference to the Boxer Rebellion in China,

- type of the automotive machine (BMW Boxer, Alfa Romeo Boxer, etc),

- USA Senator Barbara Boxer



So basicaly, a better example would be to put a link stating just "Boxer Kennel" or "Boxer Breeders" or even as "Best boxer kennel in the world" if you find one which matches your criteria as such, and then followed by Name of the Kennel and a bit of explanation about the boxer kennel, following that initial link. for example: The Best Boxer Kennel in the world - Altervita kennel, blablablablabla. Basicaly, whatever you put there, should have a bit more than just a name of the kennel. Just put some text next to the link.


Anyway, to cut the long story short, I just saw that Altervita Boxers ranked first for the term German Boxer Breeders in Yahoo (it will probably go up and down a few positions from now on) AND has also a good positioning for the same phrase in the MSN LiveSearch ("German Boxer Breeders" jumps up and down in the results, ranging from place 8 to place 1). Beside that, Altervita Boxers is on the 6th position for the phrase "German Boxer Kennels" in Google.


I emediately treated myself with a cold beer, and tapped myself on a shoulder. Good boy. Click, Click.


Other achievements are not that grand, but are OK, if we keep in mind, that Boxers are a small niche in the Pets industry ... Industry??? Lets face it: breeders are mostly the the ones who "only" deliver puppies as far as the general public is concerned, work for free despite the general oppinion that takes us just as another moneymaker guy, while pet shops and large companies are rulling the web and the econonomy. We are the bad guys, so to speak. Ranging somewhere between backyard breeders and puppymills. A least that is my experience when a puppy buying prospects approach me. Sad but true.


For example: Altervita Boxer Kennel webpage has a Google PageRank 3 (not many breeders have that rank- at least those which are not web savy) and Alexa page rank of the page is in this moment as I write this article, 235,100 (same or even better than with Google- not many breeders have that rank) Even my two great mentors who used to own one of the most informative boxer websites ever encountered, and who should in my oppinion rank better in Alexa as their kennel could be easily described as one of the best boxer kennel in the world. But the web robots just do not get it (allthou their page is a direct competitor of mine for the querries mentioned above- ranging better or right next to my page querry result) ...or the Worldwide Boxer webpage or the Boxer Underground webpage, etc. Our boxer kennel page ranks better despite those facts...brag,brag brag, LOL. To be honest, it realy bothers me that those pages don't get the "respect" they should have. I'mean...the realy informative pages from which we all learned, are getting almost no credit for their content and our webpage. But that's the web world- you could have a great page but what good is it if nobody sees it because you don't know how to make it rank well in the SERPs.


And the most ridicolous one: 2. place in Google for the term "German Boxer Breeders in Spain" although i never intended to rank that high for that one, since I'm a Slovenian breeder, haha. Actualy, I never optimised my pages for that particular phrase. Google just read my report about the Slovenian Jahresieger 2006 which was judged by a well known judge and boxer breeder FROM Spain, Alex Palacin. But this little piece of information clearly shows us, that content rich pages rank well also for the phrases not intended for optimisation.


Note that the results are different in some locations because of the search engine servers located in different places. But in general, If one ranks first for the phrase in (for example) Germany, the page will rank good (top 10 results) in the USA or Singapore or even The North Pole for that matter. The basic goal of the optimisation is after all in beiing listed on the first page of the results, since not many people actualy proceed to the second page of search results.


BTW: If you are interested in this matter, You'll soon be able to read about it when a new section of the page is finnished. In that section, I'm going to tell you a bit about different techniques and how-to's in order to help breeders which are also do-it-youself webmasters, to achieve better rankings, and finaly beat those "buy a boxer puppy" pages which always seem to be one step ahead of actual breeders of quality dogs. Boxers primarily, of course.


Untill the next time,

Have fun,




18.4. 2007 - Boxer training DIY book - Recomended reading

Since nothing much is currently happening at our kennel (except for me making plans for the next litter), and I'm kind of excited about the book I read, I'll just drop a line about it.

I was surfing the net yesterday (like this is something new -I do it allmost all the time anyway, haha). Well, I wasn't "just" surfing. I had a "pain in my wallet" and wanted to buy a book online. Doggy book of course. And an electronic one. The beauty that I find lately in purchasing e-books is that I can download the darn things right away and start reading (or listen to, or even watch the videos) them on my computer or on my HandheldPC emediately. Can't help it, lately I only read those, besides my usual job related ones.

But I was kind of picky and didn't want to jump straight to the "greatest bookstore on-line" (you know who I'm talking about, right?), so i Googled a bit and I found an interesting e-book and audio package which got my attention. I did some research on the autors too, just to find out that their area of expertise also involves Boxers and other working breeds.

The book is called Sit, Stay Fetch and is an amazingly well written and full useful informations. I bought it and started reading and didn't stop till the early morning. I kinda liked their no bullshit apporoach and straightforward advice on dog training and also about correcting common dog behaviour problems.

The book also deals with puppy training related issues, so I can easily recomend it to the fresh owners of Boxers too.

If you want to take a look at what's in the book and the package that comes along as a bonus, check out their page which can be found HERE .

Enjoy your reading,



10.12.2006 - Altervita Boxer puppy Carlos in the movie: The BallPlayer

A new sport movies Star is born. In his first film role, Carlos is experiencing the life of a rhythmic gymnastics competitor, dancing to the rhythms of the Spanish guitar -the only instrument that truly reflects his name and temperament.

By starting the Youtube VideoPlayer below, you can watch the "Directors Cut" version of the video (Work in constant progress) and by clicking on the Multimedia section on our web page, you can find different sizes and qualities of this video, ranging in sizes from 5 to 30 Megabytes. They can be found at the bottom of the side menu of that page. We wish you a pleasant time watching them.


9.11.2006 - Our Boxer Puppies one month old

After noumerous sleeples nights, we finaly got some extra time to photograph our B litter. You can see the one month celebration photo gallery full of pictures of boxer puppies by clicking the picture below. Enjoy :)

boxer puppies pic



29.8.2006 - Meeting with our boxer puppy Altervita Prima

On this occasion, we are presenting some of the momens captured with our camera while meeting Altervita Prima. This month she is celebrating her first birthday . She grew up to be a very attractive young lady of true boxer temperament and looks. We are pleased to se her beiing well mannered and that she is making her owners proud. We also learned, that she is going to start preparing for her BH exam in a few weeks, and we are sure, she is going to pass it with flying numbers.


You can find her pictures in the A- Litter boxer puppies gallery in the Breeding section, or by clicking the photo below.

Boxer dog prima one year



17.8.2006 - We are expecting Boxer puppies

We proudly announce our upcomming litter of Boxer puppies out of Ch. Qrare v.Eurozone and our Jr.Ch. Radmilla v.Eurozone. Read more about the upcomming litter by visiting our "Boxer Breeding" section, or by clicking the picture below.

boxers Qrare v. Eurozone and Radmilla v. Eurozone



11.8.2006 - "A" litter is celebrating their first aniversary

A Year ago, we started whelping around 11 o'clock and were finnished by 17.00 hours in the afternoon. The "A" litter was born. On this occasion, we are also remembering the white brother of Prima and Sheckin, Gusti, who passed away due to pneumonia when he was only a few days old.

We wish our girls a Happy Happy Birthday, and may they live long and happy life. We also wish their owners long lasting happiness with theese two girls.


-Mama U2, the boxer pack, and "grandmothers" Petra and Aleš

Welcome to the renewed web pages of Altervita boxers.

Quite some time has passed since the first version of our web page was produced, and quite some events have occurred since that time. Since we started our presentation of our with a simple web page devoted to our two dogs and their friends, our passion for the German Boxer breed has tripled, and now our pack counts five of them. We have had our first litter of German Boxer puppies, and quite a few successes in the show ring. We helped relocating a few unfortunate German Boxers in need to their new homes. We were meeting nice German Boxer people and discovering new and interesting places. Among good things, we also had our moments of bitternes and grief, mostly conected or better said: provoked by the human factor. But the positive part of being around German Boxer dogs is, that you soon forget the negative things and move on. And so we did.


All the material which was collected during this time (most of it were photos of German Boxers), had slowly become unsorted and technically unsuitable, so we decided to give the page a new look and a technically more suitable foundation. And also to offer our German Boxer friends from abroad, the english version. We hope you like what we did with the "old lady" called altervita.net:)


And ...there are some Boxer news already. Enjoy your stay


Altervita.net German Boxer team

13. Slovenian winner of the year Boxer Speciality show

3. june. Otocec. The Altervita kennel team had participated and defended our flag with much success. In the strong competition, our boxer Radmilla v. Eurozone got an Excelent grade and U2 con Tilia won the champion class and was awarded with her third slovenian CAC. Her performance was nowhere near the great performance she showed a week ago in Hrušica, but obviously it counts to be judged by a judge who knows and appreciates the German Boxer breed. The judge was a well known judge and German Boxer breeder from Spain, mr. Alex Palacin (for those uninformed, he is the proud owner of the great Boxer named Carusso di Soragna and breeds under the Boxerpark affix).


CAC Hrušica

On a hot sunny day, we managed to win the first Slovenian CAC with our Radmilla v. Eurozone in the open class, and the first Best Young title with our co-owned female Hella dell Cuore Grande in the German Boxers ring at the CAC Hrušica show.


Sadly, the all rounder judge did not appreciate the true temperament of a German Boxer, which our Ch. U2 con Tilia presented on that day so she "awarded" her with a very good grade and the first place against Brina's sister Buffy in the working class. Not even the glorious first CAC win of our Hanna couldn't wash away the bitterness, since we strongly believe, that this judge would do better if she would judge some smaller, preferably dead animals in the future, but certainly not canines and especially not German Boxers. I admit...this kind of "losing" really gets to me and I don't need to take it as a gentleman.



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